Focused on creating night vision solutions


Custom Solutions

ACTinBlack is in a unique position being able to offer customized solutions perfectly covering the needs of our customers. From slight modifications to completely new developments, almost everything is possible.

Maintenance and Repair

Our team of engineers can look after and maintain your night vision devices. We excel in speed and quality of service with a team of over 25 years of in-house experience. We can get your gear working again with our large stock of spare parts or help to extend the life of your night vision equipment through regular, routine maintenance programs.


The realities of today’s Mil/LE-Missions have shown, that operations conducted at night create a significant advantage for the operator. The right choice of equipment is ACTinBlack’s specialty – but just the right gear won’t win the fight.
Effective training is essential when it comes to night vision. Our experienced and qualified instructors will guide you through every scenario imaginable – from a beginner’s guide and first steps to safe weapon handling and CQB.
Being prepared for what might happen in the dark while using night vision devices can make all the difference. Custom designed night vision/low light training courses, onsite or remote at our dedicated sites are available on demand.

Upgrades & Conversions

Housing conversions

Bring new life to legacy equipment, providing increased strength and functionality while maintaining 100% backwards compatibility.

PVS14 to DTNVS conversions

Bring new capability to your legacy PVS-14 by converting two functioning or partly functioning systems to a lightweight binocular with advanced solid-state technology using lenses compatible with all PVS-14 accessories. Note upgrades of MUM, PVS-15, PVS18 are also possible on request.

Tube upgrades

By upgrading your existing housing with a new image intensifier tube you can give your existing systems extended life time and performance. We supply Gen3 tubes from Harder Digital, Elbit and L3 Harris and 4G tubes from Photonis®.