Technician for Night Vision Systems

As a technician at ACTinBlack you will be working in the production as well as linking up with the development team.

Your main task is assembling various night vision devices in our production as well as handling repairs.
Especially on repairs you need a good problem solving skill to tackle non-standard problems in old systems.

Bookkeeper and Office Manager

With an interest in numbers, precise instructions and order you will find your place just well at ACTinBlack.
We are looking for a person that can manage the daily transactions and to keep an overview on orders.

You should have good analytical skills and be able to also keep complex tasks under control in a stress environment. Making sure that the organizational structures and ERP are in place and up to date will be your daily business.

The inner workings of ACTinBlack will be the main task and you will be its manager.

Mechanical Engineer with an interest in Design

If you are not afraid of mechanical challenges in CAD nor in the real world of molding or CNC machining, then we might have a place for you.
You should be able to think your way out and around problems in CAD and envision new concepts with creativity. This all in close cooperation with our partners in military and law enforcement to provide constant feedback.